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Monster NPD Disorder
My disorder made me a monster.

Hello, I am the Monster. My wife has embarked on this blog as a therapeutic way of relieving the pain, grief and outrage that I have caused. I have a personality disorder. I agreed to share in this effort partly because at this point in my life I will do anything to help restore her, and partly to help others from becoming me. I am going to be the alternate side of this blog, while she shares her process of healing on a day-to-day basis, I will be sharing my correction as it is conducted.

I am one who once had everything in the world, and now I’m left picking up the pieces of a shattered life that I, myself, broke. If you are reading this blog because your life has just been destroyed by a discovery or revelation of infidelity, betrayal or realization of abuse, welcome and I am sorry. My wife and I can certainly feel your pain as we are living it in real time. Unlike all the “self-help” books, we have devoured since D-day (name applied to the day of reveal), here you will witness the hellish emotional roller coaster that we ride everyday seeking healing and correction. You, too, will be on this ride in your place. Maybe this will help you to understand that what is about to come or what you are experiencing right now in your life is “normal,” whatever that means.

You are invited to walk with us as we seek to restore lives destroyed by Narcissistic Personality Disorder, otherwise known as NPD. I will share with you the inner perspective of a disordered person attempting to become normal. Caution, this will be at times brutal. It will also be extremely depressing and emotional. I am not going to withhold any truth because I am now committed to changing a very deeply emotionally troubled person – me.

I am one who once had everything in the world, and now I’m left picking up the pieces of a shattered life that I, myself, broke. #NPD #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder Click To Tweet

If you are a Narc – a very inappropriate nick-name for NPDs – my hope is you are here to understand why your life has become a disaster. I hope you are here to learn of your disorder and to seek correction. For all of you who join us, please comment and ask questions. Your input may help us, while we sort out a lost 35 years of what we thought was a marriage. I also offer you a prayer of hope. Please pray with me today, that “our God, show mercy on all of us. That the Lord, Christ Jesus walks besides us to help ease our burden and heal this brokenness.”

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Note: All comments on the blog will be closely monitored. This is a place for healing and sharing, not a place to be rude, abusive, and, for lack of a better word – narcissistic. We will all play nice, or you are bounced out. It’s that simple. Boundary setting is a must when dealing with narcissists. And those are the rules of this site.

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