Broken – Words from the Monster

Broken NPD
I am broken due to NPD.

It has been a very difficult week. We said goodbye to a brother this week, my wife’s oldest half-brother, who was a loving soul. He was broken in many ways but through all his brokenness, he still found a way to love everyone he met. He and I had been good friends over the years and we even had a spiritual connection. Despite the troubled life he lived, he was a follower of Christ Jesus, a trait of his I admired very much. He taught me that even if you are a conflicted, broken person, Jesus is always there to catch you when you finally realize He is the only way to salvation. My brother went home this week to the Lord, and I will miss him. It gives me great comfort knowing that he is safe in the Lord and all his pain has been wiped away.

How does one obtain empathy and caring for others if he does not have it? Inside, I want to care and I want to love my family and friends with a right kind of love. #NPD #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #Love Click To Tweet Continue reading “Broken – Words from the Monster”

How can you say you love me????

How can you say you love me???

You know what? I am mad. I am fuming mad. I feel like I have lost 35 years of my life with a man who claimed he loved me.

How can you say you love me?

One can’t love someone if they don’t love themselves. In this case, my monster has been self-loathing all of his life. How on earth could he love me if he didn’t love himself?

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